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Club Privacy Policy

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Kilkenny Toastmasters Club cares about privacy. This notice explains how the club collects your personal data, how it is used, the conditions under which the data may be disclosed to others and how it is kept secure


Our club holds personal information for the purpose of running the club and the benefit of members and guests. We work to ensure that the data is held in compliance with all appropriate GDPR regulations


Below is a summary of what information we hold, where it is held, who has access to it and why.  We work to ensure that anybody we share the data with treats it appropriately.


If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the committee at


Who is in charge?


Kilkenny Toastmasters Club is a club run by members for the benefit of other members. It is associated with Toastmasters International (TMI), a non-profit organisation based in the USA


The club is managed by an elected committee that consists of:


  • President

  • Vice President Education

  • Vice President Membership

  • Vice President Public Relations

  • Club Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Sergeant at Arms


The committee can be contacted via our email account and via the contact us form


What information we collect?


We ask for different information about you depending on your relationship with the club. Below are the key relationships and the information collected for each one.


Guest Information


From visiting guests, we ask for name and email address only (guests are not required to provide this information).  This information is not shared outside of the committee and is purely held for following up on your experience at the club and informing you about future meeting and about membership and joining the club.

Prospective Members


If after visiting our club a guest decides to join, then we will collect:

  • Full Name 

  • Email Address

  • Postal Address

  • Gender (Male / Female / Other)

  • Phone numbers (mobile/home)


This information will be captured and shared with Toastmasters International (TMI) and their web portal at   For full participation in activities of the club it is necessary to join Toastmasters International (TMI). Our Vice President of Membership will assist you with paperwork needed to join TMI, registration with TMI and payment of membership dues.


Club Members


After becoming a member, we will store your name, address and telephone number on our club email portal, which allows us to organise club agendas and to maintain a club email list and a register of guests and past members. 


We retain the information collected from you when you were a prospective member. We track information such as your mentors and your mentees and progress with educational programme and participation in club activities


Award Winners and Club Officers


If you are elected a club officer or happens to win an award, we would like to take a photo at awards ceremony. As a club we would like to share such photos with club members, guests and others interested in the club through e-mail and social media. We will do that only if you provide explicit consent for our use of your photo in such way



Membership and participation in club activities is open to adults aged 18+ only. We do not provide any services to children. We do collect personal information from children below 18


Website Visitors


Our website at does not collect personal information from users and does not use cookies.  

Link for more information on club privacy policy -

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